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David's Dilemma

The Evil Emperor aka David Gurr

As a highly accomplished, sophisticated, talented writer and published author (i.e. The Ring Master), as well as long time tango friend & enthusiast, David Gurr has generously offered his time and services to provide occasional and highly entertaining commentary on all things tango!  Sorry for the run-on sentence.

Please enjoy...many hugs, Homer ;)

ps.  Homer backs David's musings as 100% in-organic.  The Evil Emperor is not to blame, for it is all way beyond his control.
  • 30 Apr 2012 4:58 PM | David Gurr

    Many Leaders seek to command Admiration & Respect by the time-and-space-consuming method of a large sweeping movement of a spare foot and/or limb intruding into the Line of Dance. This heavy-lifting  is not necessary if the Gavito Jacket Adjustment move has been mastered.


    First, acquire a jacket. (One that fits --preferably custom-tailored -- will assist.) With the jacket in place on the shoulders (no time needs to be wasted here learning counter-body rotation) shoot your French Cuffs, casually examine the links, shrug, bend the forearms -- gracefully, in a relaxed manner -- straighten the neck and bring the heels (slightly Cuban) together. Nod, almost imperceptibly, in acknowledgement of the admiration you should now be receiving from the dancers lined up behind you. Finally, button the jacket, and (ignoring any sounds of applause) commence the Embrace. Women will be swooning. Men will be ready to shoot themselves.


    One caveat of caution: before buying the Jacket, first also master Gavito's incomparable Tango technique.

  • 15 Apr 2012 2:04 PM | David Gurr

    Musing on the mass joy and grief orchestrated on demand in North Korea ... the Emperor of Darkness in Tango*** was amused to see a Homeric link to a critical  essay condemning didacticism (applied to Organic Tango lessons) employing all the classic tools of a Didact: to wit, Excessive Length, Dictionary Extracts, Numbered Footnotes, & considerable annoyance with divergent views.


    ***Bearing in mind that the joy of tango started in a BA brothel, not a Ball Room,  and is usually celebrated for its spontaneity, and playfulness with Time.

  • 13 Apr 2012 11:57 AM | David Gurr

    And nobody cares. Plug in an iPod playing truncated digits from a scratched 78 that have been copied illegally through too many hands ... and dancers, frankly my dear, don't give a damn. Anyone with earbuds  can be a DJ. This mild statement is a test to prove to Homer -- who is the Emperor of all that is Good in Tango -- that nobody reads (blogs) anymore.


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