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All Didactic Videos for Sale (Listed by Date Added)

Feel free to browse all the didactic video lessons available below and view their accompanying trailers.  They are listed in chronological order (by date added to the website - newest ones are at the bottom).  You can also view videos by level

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If you're interested in something, just click Add to Cart.  At any time, you can View your Cart and make adjustments.  When you're ready you can use your cart to checkout (steps 1 to 3) to pay for the videos (via your Paypal account or Credit Card) and receive your download link.  You will receive a follow-up email from our very secure and trusted video service provider PayLoadz with a confirmation of purchase and a download link.  Then enjoy learning! 


Remember that you're allowed to share your purchased video with only your practice partner else you will suffer The Curse of the Unled Boleo.  See also our special copyright conditions for teachers...

 1. The Funny Volcada (Advanced) - $2     Add to Cart    

This roughly 13 minute (330MB) didactic 'test video' is the first attempt to create a full online learning experience via Homer & Cristina and The Organic Tango School.  Making this video taught us a lot of things about presentation and editing.  The audio consists of an external mic.  While it's easy to understand us there is a slight background sound like we're in a small enclosure.  Having said that, this first video has enough content and didactic ideas to be worthy of its small price tag of $2.

Here's the trailer (note that the actual test video for sale has had more editing):


2.  Leader's and Follower's Enrosques (Advanced)- $10
    Add to Cart   

This is our second didactic video (of approximately 35 minutes in length, 1GB) for The Organic Tango School.  It incorporates several improvements over our first one (The Funny Volcada as shown above).  First we
use wireless mics to improve the sound quality.  Then, we shoot the video in high quality .m4v format (1GB file). 

We also pay closer attention to pacing and offer a progressive methodology for developing both the leader's and the follower's enrosques.  This includes several progressive partner and solo exercises.  In addition, we focus on the development and social application of the follower's enrosque as an embellishment.  Lastly, we incorporate several leader's variations (including close embrace) and exits (sacadas, ganchos, etc).

Here's the trailer:

3.  The Organic Tango Gancho (Intermediate) - $4      Add to Cart    

The Organic Tango Gancho is our third didactic video produced in Berlin at our friend Thomas Rieser's studio.  This roughly 12 minute intermediate level video (374MB) highlights the fundamental technique for the
organic gancho for leaders and followers.  Attention is paid to the proper form of the gancho using the whole leg.  Then the basic gancho building blocks of ochos and turns are reviewed before putting everything together.  Homer and Cristina also present a few variations and ideas for additional organic gancho development.

Here's the trailer: