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General advice for college folks who are thinking of a change into tango or other career...

17 Jul 2012 7:49 AM | Homer G Ladas (Administrator)
This was an email response to a young friend & tango dancer/student who is confused about their current life path (their name will remain anonymous).  They are in college and have thought of a degree change or other life change (pursing tango more deeply, etc).  Here's my unfiltered reply...based mostly on my own life experience:

Option #1: Unless you absolutely know what you want to do in your life right now - my advice is to follow two paths concurrently. Get a college degree and in the meantime (with what ever free time you have left, hours, minutes, seconds) investigate other things you'd like to do with your life (tango, music, writing, art, science, yoga, philosophy, travel, etc). There are many examples of folks (like Cristina and me) who change careers after getting a degree and working for a while. Think of your college degree and subsequent work as your own self financed scholarship fund which will allow you to pursue other hobbies and eventually careers.

Option #2: If you are in a special group of folks who are free of financial constraints then I'd disregard the above statement and just do what you love to do (or do many things that you like to do until you find those several things that you really want to do).

In either option, you will be following the process of elimination until something remains that you become. In my case it's a professional self-employed well travelled tango teacher (and budding non-professional hobbyist musician). The worst thing you can do is give up your free time to having to work to pay the bills. At least in college you can squeeze some extra time to do some developing hobbies. Also, with a decent job (even if you will not stay with it) you will make a salary that is beyond average. As mentioned above (Option #1) this will enable you to develop your true passion in life.

Hope this helps. It's based on my story. So it's more a direct life sharing experience than advice. You, in the end, have to figure out what works best for you...

Hugs from Holland,

Homer ;)
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