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Why I don't teach a lot of privates on the road?

01 Apr 2013 11:12 AM | Homer G Ladas (Administrator)
Here's a reply message to a student interested in taking a private during one of our weekend visits.  I hope it clearly answers the question "Why I don't teach a lot of privates while traveling?"  (although I offered a possible solution in the final paragraph):

Note - The student in-question (who will remain anonymous) was very interested in studying with me and had many valid reasons to show why private lessons are the best way for her to learn.  Here's my reply:

I feel your pain and get your message. Unfortunately, when I commit to teaching even one private lesson I put a lot of extra energy into it (give it my deepest concentration). When coupled with a large teaching weekend I have realized that it is too much. My main focus is the group class engagement/teaching (and also social dancing - which I actually like to do - performing - which I don't like to do - DJing, playing music, etc).

I have set up these boundaries when teaching at large weekend gigs to protect my overall energy levels, physical health, and also allow me to focus on other things (practicing bandoneon for one). Please don't take this personally - it is the process of 11 years of full-time tango employment (which has included excess travel and other wear and tear) that has lead me to this decision. I would like to remain healthy for the next 30 years or more...

Having said that, I'd love to give you more personal input during the workshop and perhaps we can dance socially at the milonga? If you've studied with us before you'd know that we give as much attention (or even more) to the followers (not just leaders).

Also, I teach privates when not traveling (at home) and have started to be at home more often (traveling only 2 to 3 times each month vs 3 to 4 times each month). If you visit us in SF I (for a weekend or so) can offer you one to three privates (up to 2-hours each spread through 2 or 3 days). I have a long precedent of offering these sessions to visiting students. It allows me to focus my teaching and keep my life balanced...perhaps you'd be interesting in setting something up like this?

Many hugs and see you soon, Homer
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