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When people say stupid things...

01 Apr 2013 11:29 AM | Homer G Ladas (Administrator)
Cristina and I had one of our best performances to date at USF's second tango festival (March 2013).  Here's the link to the demo:

Unfortunately, there was one very negative comment thread (on Facebook) that I felt inspired to post here.  It is one example of the bad side of tango.  Fortunately there are only a few really 'bad seeds' in the tango world.  Most of whom are easy to ignore or minimize...

Jeffrey Myers · 4 mutual friends
nice dancing. christina is well dressed and looks great. sense of pride.........dresses like he is going to the flea market........
Yesterday at 10:30am · Like

Homer G Ladas ...Jeffrey, one day you should look up the definition of 'hubris' and contemplate...and when you're done, we can visit the local flea together. Many hugs, Homer
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Jeffrey Myers · 4 mutual friends
homer.. maybe you have no respect for others .......kisses.........
5 hours ago · Like

Cristina N Ladas Hello Mr. Myers,
I hope that this message finds you well. I am deeply saddened by your recent comments to Homer on one of our performance videos. To say something positive such as "good dancing" and then negate that with a remark on how poorly my partner dresses is simply disheartening. Also, to imply that my husband has no respect for others because in your opinion, he dresses "like going to the fleas market" is simply offensive to me.

Homer and I take a lot of pride on how we present ourselves as social tango dancers and teachers. More importantly, we take pride on how we conduct ourselves as people, and how we treat other people. We have been in the scene long enough to have seen how the dance has evolved in all of its aspects: movement, quality of instruction, ways of learning, music, and its globalization. We have seen changes, some good and some not so good, on how people perceive this dance and it's dancers. It has been quite a long journey for Homer and I, but I am very grateful for being a part of it. I am grateful because I have seen and experienced much of the growth of this dance and a part of that growth has something to do with the lesson of finding one's own tango.

I am very, very proud of my dance partner and life partner, Mr. Myers. I have deep respect for the man who has done so much to add to the positive growth of this dance through his skills as a dancer, musician and as a teacher. Most important of all, I have the deepest respect and love for this man who through all this time and for all time, has conducted himself with integrity and honor and has never once "sold himself off" because of what "others" may think of him. A man who is surrounded with honorable family and friends as well. To measure his integrity(not having respect for others), by your judgement of how "poorly" he dresses, is extremely offensive to me. Your remark was made with no other information other than what you have seen in the video.

Lastly, that "flea market" clothing you saw was put together by him and ME. That is an Italian designer shirt he's wearing bought by me, a custom-made pair of trousers by a dear friend, a fine pair of tango shoes and a designer belt with his signature hat. That outfit was put together with my outfit, the music we danced to, and the event we were at in mind. It is too bad that you think that that outfit is only fitting for the flea market, but I will be damned if I let that remark go unanswered. That remark should have been directed at me also.


Cristina N Ladas-Proud Wife of Homer G. Ladas
59 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 4

Homer G Ladas Jeffrey, there are many people worth talking to and only a few that are better to just ignore (who deserve no respect)...can you guess which category you belong in?
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