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What types of didactic videos would you like to see from Homer & Cristina in the future?

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  • 26 Apr 2012 2:53 AM
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    Homer G Ladas (Administrator)
    çağrı yeşil wrote:I just wonder is it possible to lead the follower to an enrosque. In other words, follower will perform an enrosque, but it will not be an adorno. leader should be lead for enrosque.
    Hi Cagri, the short answer is 'yes' to a degree...  

    The long answer is more complicated.  In general it's very hard to lead your partner to do a 'real' enrosque (tight, at speed, etc, especially if you expect her to change weight afterwards).  However, the 'Dirty Enrosque' as is know by a few is possible to lead (with a weight change and sacada combo afterwards).  This is unfortunately very difficult and not very social.  Even with advanced dancers only 50% will follow the 'dirty enrosque' lead, sorry.  Perhaps with more education (and practice) we can develop clearer leaders and followers who understand and interpret this move/answer better?  That said, it is possible to lead something that is very close to looking like an enrosque called the follower's front hook (or back hook for that matter) and even get her to change weight and step out of it (into a sacada, etc).  Perhaps a couple of videos are in order to highlight these Advanced concepts?

    Many hugs, Homer ;)
  • 26 Apr 2012 9:15 AM
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    Thank you for your attention and clear answer. I had seen that move in a tango show and wondered about is it just a  Choreography or there is a technique or not. Your answer gave me to desire to work harder. And videos that you have mentioned will be very usefull for me.
    Generally, I try to follow your videos and blogs. But I have discovered this site in recent time.Thus, I want to ask a few more questions. I heard about a sacada called 4th sacada for both woman and man. There is a demo video of you at the end of class. But more detailed video can be more useful for me. 
  • 24 Sep 2013 9:32 AM
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    Rather than a video on any particular movement - sacadas, colgada, volcaga, and simpler - or any pattern, I'd like to see an exploration of biomechanical, physical, geometry, weight management principles that apply across movements. Ideas on how a dancer can go about exploring these principles on their own without partner (and without, if possible). How, for example, to gain a feel for the differences in lead for playing with the free leg for a boleo versus cross versus leg wrap. How to lead the same step but in different sizes and dynamics. Those sorts of things.

    Thanks for asking.
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  • 01 Apr 2014 7:54 PM
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    enlarge on the idea of the line of power you mention in your didactic videos on tangostudent videos.  \i haven't seen this idea developed in any other video. Where do you use it/ how to apply it.
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